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Feelings are pretty complicated…

on April 9, 2012


I know i’m not one who can say “your feelings are your choice” and pretend that i do this as you probably know i often let my feeling get the better of me. Aha. There’s no denying that and i have nothing to hide as i’m not ashamed of that at all. It’s part of who i am now and hopefully something i can reflect on when i’m not as easily led by how i feeeeeeeeeel. When i get stressed my life is over “i’m rubbish” or “i’m a failure” Then after a few hours, days and sometimes weeks i’m like “Sam you’re so silly!”

I can talk about this because i understand this.

I know how annoying it is to not understand why you’re sad when you have so much to be happy for.
I know how it feels to feel really sad and start doubting yourself and everything and everyone around you.
I am aware of what feeling lost, confused, stressed and broken. Also all of these things at the same time – which defo is a head killer LOL!
BUT i also know how it feels to feel happy and rejoice in the wonderful things you have in your life.

Someone took the time to continually remind me that we can choose not to let our situations determine how we feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
You think hahaha that’s easier said than done.
But it’s not.
Everyone can have  bad day every once in a while. But you gotta get back up. When you dwell in your situation you then find all the little things seem a hundred times worse.

I am so THANKFUL to the person who told me to “choose happy” it’s made a huge difference to my life i am so much stronger for it and when i get a little down i think of that and i get out of my dip days sooner than i used to.


My picture below displays how we can just sit and get down, be totally confused and feel like giving up. It’s easier. So much easier than sorting out whatever is troubling us. A lot more easier than standing up to the issue and saying i am STRONG.


But in the end we can’t just stay down, lost or confused.
We have to find a way to deal with our problems or speak to people who we know can encourage us to make the right steps to helping us on our way again.


 Then we learn to smile through our circumstances. It’s not easy, no. But possible, yes.

I guess i think i’ve learnt what hope is.
Hope is, well according to the dictionary “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen” to me hope is wanting the best out of every situation and everything that’s coming in my life. Well not only wanting but trusting it to be the case.

Thankfully for me i can put my hope in God whom i trust to take care of my life and it’s been proven a lot in my life just recently of how much trusting him actually pays off 🙂

God Bless ❤


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